Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Under a killing moon on New Betio


Good Afternoon, this is Meta City Vid Broadcasting, my name is Huw Solo; here is the news.

In a packed programme tonight we have "I'm a Celebrity, don't space me", in which five celebrities fight not to be shot out of an airlock, "Justice: Life on the Hab Block', the award winning docu-drama and "SpaceBlaggers", the gritty searing Britzone spy drama. But first, news that Commissioner Hiram B Gatling, CEO of CitTaxColl has been arrested for "financial irregularities". City officials are tight lipped but a source close to the Mayor's office commented "it does look like the Vatman's been robbin'."

We are also bringing you an exclusive report from New Betio, where an ongoing brushfire war is turning nasty. This is a broadcast from an OmniSolutions FOB deep in the outback......

"Sabre Increment to Mainforce Henderson. have beaten off a concerted attack on FOB Rico, sustaining heavy casuslties. Power armour element effectiveness degraded, loyal  Betio Security remain in field.

Well aimed fire from Indigs caused large element of casualties. Defences breached by mass assault by criminal gangs which was fought off at close range inside weapon pits and foxholes.

FOB Rico is open to being cut off and swamped by growing numbers of hostile indigs and lawless elements, Sabre is to fall back along Challenger Mountain Highway towards Henderson Facility with 

expectation of extraction /support from Mainforce. Sabre out. "

FOB RICO, showing main positions

New Betio security troops, loyal to Welland, take cover in the shipping containers and return fire with their SA2080s
The view from 'Indig Hill' where local alien hunters take pot shots at the defenders. Despite low tech skills the indig hunters rack up a brutal body count to no loss.
Pirate low life scum rush the perimeter, armed with zap guns and doped to the eyeballs on cheap local crank, they wreak havoc.
What next at FOB RICO - does this mean a brutal fighting withdrawal through the snark infested acid grassed upland DEATHZONE? Thrills set to brutal.
Rules: Swatters
Figs: Bluemoon, Khurasan, GZG, Citadel
Terrain: this that and what have you
Inspiration: Despatches, "and what, if they, overrun.....Khe Sanh?"
Blarg note: No indigs were harmed while this blog was being composed. Probably.

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