Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Crime coverage!

Welcome to Meta City One!
Crime Level: Rising rapidly

"This is Meta City VidNews broadcasting from Orbit, with the news you won't be told. My name is Huw Solo. Good Morning.

We start with the news that the theft of hundreds of old watches from Gruber's Museum of Chronography was faked in a desperate bid for publicity. Museum Director Otis B Driftwood admitted today that "it was a complete wind up."

Mmmm. News? Mayor Brumby's City Crime Task Force continues to clamp down on opposition groups and in totally unrelated incidents, admission to MedAid units have hit an all time high.

We have accessed publicvid cams and know bring you a taste of life on the streets......

............cut to cam feed.............

Outside Broccoli Towers, Citizens go about their business....

"If anyone of you drokking drokkers move, I'll vapourise every last gonk drokking one of ya!"
The Ugly Mutts street gang arrives and things go mutieward real fast....

"Cease and Desist! Cease and Desist!"
DroidCops arrive on the scene, gauss cannon set to AUTO FIRE

Bullets fly as the DroidCops issue arrest warrants the hard way.
The perps use the civs as shields; one perp is ripped by gauss shells, as is his hostage; Miss Tilly the Engineer slips off and RUNS!

"Unauthorised and suspiciously fleeing a crime scene, you are arrested, convicted and sentenced. Will carry out SENTENCE on the spot!"

"Not today, ruster. You're revoked."
Nathan Strange, Droid Hunter enforces copyright via smartgun.....

Strange and Heen Junt step up to defend the civilians from the ROGUE LAW DROIDS
"The witnesses are under arrest until their evidence is certified. You will stand down! Cease and Desist!"
"Come and get gun is hungry......"
The Droid hunters take down the DroidCops in a HAIL of slugs while the citizens hide. 

This is the news - This is Meta City One - where the law lies bleeding."

Civs - GZG (Maj Mike)
Perps - GZG (Maj Mike)
Droids - CMG
Strange -
Junt - Khurasan
Map: SWM
Rules: KilloZap
Inspiration: Judge Dredd case files 4; "Know your rights" The Clash

Blorgg note: Evidence provided by DroidCop needs no corroboration - see City vs John Doe case5567vB 2079

Friday, 26 October 2012

Here is the news!

Welcome to Meta City One!
Crime Level: Acceptable!

"Hi! This is Meta-Brekfast News, I'm AMy your Breakfast Buddy and do we have the News for YOU!!

And here's the weather - fine! All day! Reports of radiation clouds over the Whedons are totally unreliable. Whedons residents are free to go for a walk whenever they want, just do it indoors!

Time for business news.....Horace Blimp, notorious and alleged employee rights activist, threw himself onto the production line at the Magni-Visaid factory. He was rushed to a public med-aid booth; a Magni-Visaid LegalRep said later, "Mr Blimp was only making a spectacle of himself."

And now over to our LIVE vid of the take down of Meta-Cit News Studios by the City Crime Task Force. As you know, Huw Solo and his rabble of news-liars have been spreading complete falsehoods about Meta-City One. Today they were brought to JUSTICE.....

......cut to live vid feed....

Thrill as the CCTF move up through the corridors

GASP as stacked up CCTF Troopers CRASH into action - GO! GO! GO!
A green haired arty hippy from the Graphics Dept tries to stop them. The slacker manages to SHOOT CCTRed1 before he is SLAMMED by Kompact-ACR rounds!

Its SOLO! SLOT HIM! Hey, CCTRed3 - GET UP! You're only....oh. MEDIC!!

If you see this man DO NOT ask for his autograph. DO call the Authorities, if you have a gun you can SHOOT him. There is a BOUNTY. HE IS A CRIMINAL!

THERE HE GOES! Solo runs for it through the VidStudio; holokits SHATTER as slugs fly!
He's in the ducts! Solo is a desperate rat in a trap!

Go! Go! ...... BAM! BAM! Blaster Rounds tear up the ducts. Gorman.....Gorman??

Target in the OPEN! FREE FIRE!

A misguided citizen throws his lot in with Solo. Shooters dive for cover as HOTLEAD and FLAMING plasma hammers across the Landing Pad. LANDING PAD?? CCTFACTUAL to all CALLSIGNS - he's doing a RUNNER!!

Its a 360' MAELSTROM of gunfire! Solo leaps for the hatch and grabs the unknown citizen on board just as a CCTF round NAILS him. Turbojets WHINE and THRUM as the MILLENIUM NOVA reaches lift off velocity.......bullets ping off the hull........<<<<picking up remote audio>>>>> "Jocko? Jocko? Gorram it! Control to manual. Slaving nose cannon to visual.......DAKADAKADAKADAKADAKA! NavComp - set course for ORBIT. Broadcast on all Media. Good Morning, This is Huw Solo. Here is the News, today in Meta City One, the LAW DIED ...."

Thrill Monitor Meltdown Predicted!

CCTF: Khurasan
Civ & Design Guy: GZG (Major Mike)
Solo: FOW German tankie heavily converted
Map: SWM
Rules: KilloZap
Inspiration: "Time" - ELO

Blorrg Note: Do not offer to "stack up" in Meta-City bars.  


Monday, 22 October 2012

Nathan Strange: Droid Hunter - CORNERED!!

Welcome to Meta City One
Crime Level: All Time High

Cit-Vid News at Seven
Your Newscaster: Huw Solo

"Good Evening. There may some interuption to this evening's programme as our studios are currently under assault by the City Crime Task Force. We have exclusive coverage of Nathan Strange's one man's war against the Droid Cops but first, Sports News.

The final game of the KillerBall season between the Lorne Green Packers and the Canavaral Vikings at New Lambeau Violence Drome had to be stopped when, in a freak accident, the Zero-G was turned on.
A spokesman for the Meta City KillerBall League said that "the match will be replayed but right now it's all up in the air."

Excuse me.....intruders on Level 3. Taking direct control of corridor defences - all staff beware, danger close, I repeat DANGER CLOSE....."


And now, back to the News, where we....BREACH! BREACH! ACTIVATE PLAN B. ALL STAFF, PLAN B.....we are cutting to vid during a short intermission......."

................Cut to live blog feed.........

Nathan Strange is pinned down in a turbolift as a DroidCop lashes rounds through the doorway, "Drok it, those rusters are stacking up out there" mutters Strange as he releases his .477 boot gun.....suddenly.....

Droid Cops are sent flying in a HAIL of AP shot from a XM95 Avalanche rotary shotgun!

"Who the drell are you?"
"Heen Junt - your DCI*, it's 19.73, I'm 'avin....'oops, there's another one of 'em..."

"Illegal weapon discharge! Illegal weapon discharge! Await Justice peacefully!"
DroidCop reinforcements close in......"Eat lead, TINNIES" snarls Strange as he and Junt pull metal and HAMMER them with shotgun and deadly boot gun rounds. Shards of Droid pepper the walls in armour-piercing MAYEM!
"Thirsty work, retiring droids" says Strange, "The Hoverdriver's Arms is open...."


Strange: Laserburn
Droids: CMG
Junt: Khurasan
Map: SWM
Rules: KilloZap
Inspiration: Life on Mars, Bladerunner
*Blargg note - DCI, Dangerous Circumstance Insurance - "Guaranteed Lethal Support within the Minute or your credits back."

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Corridor War in Detroit Towers!

Welcome to Meta City One
Crime Level: No banks robbed in last hour
Your newscaster: Huw Solo

"Good afternoon. The headline - Cit-vid has infiltrated a media-tech commando into Detroit Towers - exclusive coverage of a brutal three way firefight follows.

In other news, a hov-van carrying ball bearings has shed its load on the Sector 12 Eight Lane. A spokesman for The Highways Dept has said that traffic will be kept rolling.

Meanwhile, members of the Mayoral Criminal Task Force have closed in around the Cit-Vid Studios in order to close down our broadcasts......Excuse me while I fit my combat goggles and anti-gas nose plugs.....more on that as it happens. Now, over to our Urban Combat Camera Crew at Detroit Towers..... " 
.................Cut to Live vid feed......

 Burp gun armed Perps advance on a Diamond Dog held admin block.

 The mercs open fire with gauss carbines, Big Dog 1st Class G'frrk nails a crim with a well aimed blast from his Pacifier Hand Cannon.

 Droid Cops serials ZX81 and ZX82 respond to the scene, rapid fire gauss cannon at the ready. "Cease and desist! Cease and desist!"

 Bullets TEAR and fly in all directions! The Diamond Dogs are RIPPED by the Gauss cannons of the Droid cops while the perps settle a few scores too. The Dogs PANIC and run for it.......
 .......apart from one. G'frrk double taps a perp and spins around, HAMMERING round after round into ZX81; the drioid falters, armour weakened critically!

His hand cannon clicks to empty....G'frrk  ducks to reload. Bobby Uggly puts a .55 slug into him at point blank range "take that dog breath" snarls the crim as G'frrk slumps to the gound!

The droid cops form up and stalk forward, their cannons SPIT gauss slugs into the perps. Bobby Ugly goes down hard, shredded by gauss rounds. The crims fire madly but burp, zap and stutter gun shots just PING off of the droids......"Drok it, we're GRONKED!" screams a perp.....

The crims are shot to pieces by the hail of fire but a full mag of burp gun shells TEARS into ZX81's hull and sets off a chain reaction on its ammo....KRABOOOOM.... scratch one droid

ZX82 guns down the remaining perps. The metal beast is king of Floor12 - only 128 more to go.....

Dogs - Ral Patha (Artmaster)
Perps - GZG (Maj Mike)
Droids - CMG
Map - SWM Cloud City
Rules: Killozap
Inspiration: Terminator, Jailbreak, The Wild Bunch

Warning: Gauss cannon are military grade weapons. Photo ID required for purchase.

NEXT BULLETIN- Strange claims on his INSURANCE! Thrill Meter in OVERLOAD!



Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Robo-Killer Rounds in action! A SmartGun Infomercial!

Welcome to Meta City One!
 Crime Level: Consistent

Cit-Vid Breaking news continues on all channels 
Your newscaster: Huw Solo

"Good morning. We are still covering the ongoing firefight at Frazetta and Biehn as Nathan Strange enforces .....what is this? Juris-Droids at my vid deck? I have been served? For defamation? Of the Mayor? This is a MilSpec blaster and I WILL use it......EAT PLASMA, TREADHEAD!"

Zaaaaaap! Zaaaaaap! ZAP! 

"......and back to the news; Nathan Strange, Droid Cops, shooting, mayhem. Mmm, a normal day really . Cut to vid team. Amber, get me a lawyer and a good scap metal merchant..."

Meanwhile at the Foyer of Frazetta Tower, newsdroid KACL780 is capturing events as they happen.....

Nathan Strange faces down two Droid-Cops. Robo-killer ammo selected

Officers DOWN...Shots FIRED....all mobiles RESPOND! Droid Cops surge to the scene 

When the going gets tough, the tough take cover; Strange takes cover behind Cit-Garbage Unit 4537 

A dive, a roll and Strange's ParaVIb hand-cannon barks twice - two more Droid Cops are revoked

Droid Cops close in but Strange has run for it - leather coat flapping behind him

Flanked! A suppressed round takes down a Droid - Strange bushwacks the Droids

 Robo-guns to RAPID FIRE. A hail of gauss DEATH drives Strange into the shelter of the turbo-lift. Rounds blasting all around him, Strange checks his ammo status "low, low, low beep beep" is the SmartGun's reply. "Drokking frag it" mutters Strange, "this could get emotional..."

Next Bulletin: No Justice Tonight!!

This is Meta City One, two Hab Towers riven by gun battles, the Mayor indicted, droid cops running amok and its only 10.53AM.

Strange: Laserburn
Droids: CMG
Map: SWM
Rules: KillO'Zap
Inspiration: Blade Runner, Dredd case files Vol3
Droid-Cop PLC recommends 3:1 mek-oil

Monday, 15 October 2012

One Man - One Mission

Cit-News Bulletin!!
Your Newscaster: Huw Solo
Crime Level: Not bad for a Monday

"There were tense moments in the Meta City High Court today as Sirius Cybernetics were awarded an Injunction against......what do you mean cut the story? It'll annoy the Mayor?......Going for your gun Editor Greebo?"


"Back to the news. Droid Cop PLC and the Mayoral office are the subject of an injunction relating to breached copyright belonging to Sirius Cybernetics. In other stories........please, somone move the editor, he'll bleed all over the vid-deck.....we are still unable to bring you live footage of the events in Detroit Towers; most of the vidcams have been shot out and our newsteams are unable to breach the blast doors. But we can go, live, to the vid blog of one man trying to make a difference in Meta City. He is Nathan Strange, he works for Sirius Cybernetics and his job is to enforce copyright , one droid at a time."

<<<<<<<<cutting to vid blog link>>>>>>>>>>>

"My name is Nathan Strange - droid enforcer.  10am, Hab Zone Miller - I have a lead that a droid cop has been working Frazetta and Biehn for kickbacks from hovparking offenders.....and yes, there he is, by the 959 Durango TVC15.... Cam - zoom in 80. Pan 25 right. Rotate 45. Run ID......droid cop model 1.2, chassis 46S, serial no 73X. Copyright infringement confirmed. Activating Gun. Gun active....Droid Cop 73X, your infringement is being revoked. Stand Down! "

Brrrrrttzap! Dakkadakkadakka!

Nathan Strange revoking Droid Cop 73X; Gun:Activated

"Drok it! That creased my coat, this rustjob aint going to go quietly.Thats bad, makes it tougher for civilians. TAKE COVER!". BOOOOM! BOOOOM. "Cam, check target. Target revoked. Collateral minimal. Email to HR & Legal ... Distribute legal waiver notice to addresses at my coordinates ....uh oh mobile droid patrols responding to the 10-85, activating free fire mode.....Strange to Sirius CentCom, request back up STAT!"

Next! Nathan Strange vs Droid Cops in Hab Zone Slugfest!!


Nathan Strange - Laserburn adventurer
Droid Cop - CMG Blockhead
Map - SWM
Rules -Kill O'Zap

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Pub-Service Prog on Citi-News

Welcome to Meta-City One.
Crime Level: declining over past hour

Cit-Service Announcement!

Droid Cop Patrols are in operation!
Do not be alarmed!
Droid Cops are your friends!
Droid Cops will only arrest you if they have to!

Mr Harry Buttle cooperating with the authorities regarding the wearing of a loud shirt in a built up area. Sentence was carried out on the spot.

Droid Cop TM - an Arresting Development

<<<< Mayoral Press Office note: Droid Cops have not refused to assault Detroit Towers due to faulty self preservation programming; they have not focused policing upon unarmed citizens. There are not very few unarmed citizens. Droid Cops are not resisting reprogramming of extreme violence tendencies. Cit-Mil units are simply carrying out a pre-planned exercise. We know where you live. Note ends >>>>>

Harry Buttle -GZG crew (Maj Mike)
Droid Cops - CMG Blockheads
Street: HOF maps
Apologies: Me. Assault on Detroit Tower postponed due to essential maintance of HabZone; Zero-G plasterer and decorator needed.     

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dogs of WAR!

Welcome to Meta City One
Crime Level: Data not available at this time

Cit Vid exclusive - this news bulletin carries a thrill alert!

Files leaked from Mayor Brumby's office have revealed that the Security Consultants hired to retake Detroit Tower are the mutant mercenaries known as the DIAMOND DOGS! The mayors office at first denied that the city had hired these canine freaks to protect honest citizens but faced with the vid file of Mayor Brumby saying "Frak it, hire the drokking doggies to slot the gorram crims", a mayoral spokeswoman speaking from Eroticon-4 said "Mayor Brumby is too busy to comment".

Normally mutants such as these  would not be allowed into meta city one but faced with a rising tide of crime and violence, the City Authorities  have taken a drastic step.

>>>>>>>Breaking news on all channels >>>>>>>

Bullets fly as Mutant mercs  battle crim perps! We cut to live vid feed which shows the Diamond Dogs attacking the perps in Detroit towers -  as it happens......

A team of mercs reach the perps base using the turbo lifts. All is well and then......Proxi-bombs planted by the crims decimate the Merc fire teams!

Only a few Dogs survive and take cover from perp zap gun fire

An assault shuttle full of Diamond Dogs aims for the landing pad but is tracked by suprisingly heavy fire. The shuttle crash lands onto the pad , most of the mercs are unhurt but they are badly shaken and go to ground down around the slug ridden shuttle....

A team of mercs works it's way up the street sector into the battle and starts to make progress but a crim gun buggy armed with a minigun tears up and hoses them down with rapid fired lead death!

On his hovering command copter, Diamond Commander Zarg Lasfanggg watches in FURY as his furry troopers take a zap gun shredding  and feels the PACK RAGE grow "Claw, to me" he growls, "fire zip line, clip on, go go GO!"

The Three Clawed Fist - Lasfangg and his litter brothers - elite canine ninja-mercs ZIP LINE onto the landing pad; firing their compakt gauss smgs one handed as they go - mowing down the crim-perp rearguard!

The Claw press on relentlessly, shooting down crims in a hail of gauss slugs as they punch through to their pinned down pack brothers.....WOOF WOOF!!

Faced with a relentless onslaught of death wielding canines, Smiling Al's henchmen gather about their boss. Is toothy, tailed death in store for Smiling Al? Is this the end for the rebellious perps??


In his luxury penthouse pleasure suite, Mayor Brumby watches on a silver screen, "the crims and the doggies are right where I want them" he grins "it's time to frak both the scum and the freaks - send in the droid cops....."

Next bulletin: killer droids ! Unfeasible thrill warning!!

Figs - RAFM/Ral Partha/Citadel Vargr (Artmaster), Perps - GZG (Maj Mike)
Buggy: Old Crow (gunner citadel traveller)
Map: SWM
Rules: Kill O Zap
Inspiration: Dredd3D, Case files Vols 1 &2
Vargr Wrangling: Barbarella Woodhouse


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Panic in Detroit Towers!

Welcome to Meta-City One!
Crime level: Constant and Rising

Breaking news on all Cit-Vid channels................

The exclusive Wealth-Hab-Zone of Detroit Tower was the scene of carnage today as an armed jailbreaking mob of vicious convicted crim-perps shot their way out of the Crim Zone of Penal One.

The Crims storm across the bridge and head for the security gate

The Security booth is taken by "Smiling Al", the crim leader 

Armed with illegal zap pistols the mob overwhelmed the PSC guards manning the security booth and powered down the nano fence. The guards fought hard and numbers of the crims were shot off the bridge from the max sec perp pen. A thin line of PSC troopers was simply overun by a knife and pistol toting gang of liberty hungry thugs, followed up by hardened gangers with armed with burp guns

The crims flood into Detroit Towers

As the PSC caved in, the gangers flooded into the Hab Towers, innocent citizens fleeing by turbo lift and skimmer, carrying what they could. A few hardy citizens joined the remants of the PSC and tried to hold the streets but were shot down by the murderous crims.

Citizens flee as the last few PSC troopers hold off the crazed crims

Meta City is in a state of panic as military gyro copters loaded with Security Consultants are being lifted in to make an assault on Detroit Towers. Reports of vid delivery men being shot by nervous citizens have been denied by the Mayors Office.

Mayor Brumby of the majority Popular Liberal City for the People Party has promised a full investigation and a review of sentencing policy, "this can't happen again," he said on vid link from his apartment on Hab-Sybarite-2.

NEXT! GANG fights MERCS asTHE CITY strikes BACK!!

Thrill overload WARNING!!

Figs - GZG (perps painted by Major Mike), terrain, SWM minis map, rules W79 "Kill-o-Zap" back of a postcard. Inspiration, Dredd3D, 2000AD case files vol1. Inbound: Law Officers plus bikes. Apologies its 2079 not 1979 and to anyone who has seen this on W79.