Thursday, 13 March 2014

On off trouble on Off World Colony


Good Afternoon, this is Meta City Vid Broadcasting, my name is Huw Solo; here is the news.

Shares in the troubled terraforming combine Welland Planetary Horizons rallied today following their near catastrophic fall yesterday. An ongoing Justice Investigation into compliance of the Welland Planetary mandate over New Betio has revealed a local insurgency, rampant substance and arms trafficking and "systemic lack of compliance by the mandated enterprise." Two Welland Planetary Senior Executives have been summarily exiled to Penal One. 

The trading position for Welland Planetary stabilised this morning following the announcement that OmniSolutions, the leading conflict management company had been retained to restore security  to New Betio. OmniSolutions, whose motto is "securing the galaxy one hell hole at a time", has confirmed by press release that they have been retained by Welland Planetary and that a Broadsword Mainforce Detachment along with a Sabre Operational Increment had been assigned to the contract and were en route to New Betio but that "it is not our policy to comment on specific situations."

In local news, the Cit-Fire Dep has confirmed that the fire in the offices of the Meta-Cit Bureau of Taxes was put out before any good was done.

Next: OmniSolutions Sabre Squads in the Green Hell of New Betio. Thrills set to Unrelenting

Blorg Note: Visit New Betio, the Off World Colony of the future



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