Friday, 8 February 2013

Kidnap And Ransom!

Welcome To Meta City One!
Crime Level: You Want Crime, we got it
Good Evening, my name is Huw Solo, here is the news.

Mr Hiram J Volendaam, the unlucky investor was today awarded 1.5million credits after a succesful suit for miss-selling against MetaCitFinCorp who advised him to buy shares in a non existent Meta City HoverTaxi. "I was taken for a ride" said Mr Volendaam.

Today's big story though is the kidnap of Mr Karl Rural, CEO of MetaHotels GmbH at the site of his new Peachtree MegaHotel. Here is the story as it happened......
<<<<<<<<cut to vid...................................>>

Mr Rural, his attorney and Judge Cowell visit the site of the Peachtree Hotel. A lasblaster shot sears the air and Judge Cowell drops, his head VAPORISED! A gang of perps are holed up in the site. Its turned real ugly real quick....

OFFICER DOWN! With a HOWLING ROAR of lawhog thrusters Judges Blake and Scully power through traffic to the scene of the crime. "Blake to Control: take live feed of all traffic violations observed and file auto warrants on perps...."

The Civs are hustled off by the perps - "get off the street quick before the pigs get here"

Judge Blake coasts up alongside a passing MoPad

Judge Scully takes her lawhog right at the crim scum - bike cannon shells TEAR THE AIR and sends a perp flying. "Over here, Crumb" growls Judge Blake, lawgiver rounds hamering into the suprised perps

"Your BOOKED - DOA, scum!"

"OK Rookie, you take the stairs, I'll take the ....GUN: HEATSEEKER".....BAM!
The Perp sniper drops like a dead mutant dog.."......Front. You ready Rookie?"
"You're under arrest. Drop your guns, release the hostages and it'll only be the timestretcher" - Judge Scully tries to talk the perps in...but a Judge has been MURDERED and that means one thing .... JUSTICE.....
Lawhog engines rev and Judge Blake POWERS his hog like a BAT OUT OF HELL and gets airborne long enough......
To SMASH into the perps NEST of CRIME! "Eat LAWBIKE" snarls Blake as he hammers to the floor, taking a perp out as he lands. The crims level their guns at the Civs.....Blake drops one with a snapshot....Judge Scully piles through the door, gets a shot off but misses and the Accountant is shot by the Ganger! 
  Judge Blake dives, rolls and slams Lawgiver rounds at the murdering perp - missing Mr Rural by micromilimetres.
The dust clears, all the perps are dead. Justice is served but one hostage is DEAD. Because a Judge FAILED. "You weren't ready, Rookie", Judge Blake stares at Scully.

FIGS - Usual crew - see previous Blorgs
Ruin - Shellhole?
Rules - KilloZap
Inspiration - Judge Dredd case files - all of 'em

Blorg Note: Online booking at MegaHotel Peachtree is now available!



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  1. Great Stuff!

    A good read for this Saturday morning for me.

    Damn those rookies.