Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Shop till you DROP IT PERP!

                                                       WELCOME TO META CITY ONE
                                                      CRIME LEVEL: Do you FEEL safe?

This is MetaVid news broadcasting from the Millenium Nova news cruiser; my name is Huw Solo. Good morning, here is the news.

In city news, the SEC is still baffled by the wide swings in textile commodities; "NeuPaisley SA and Ultra Chintz GmBh have fluctuated widely" said a spokesperson, "we are waiting for a pattern to emerge."

Meanwhile, the ongoing fighting in various Hab Zones continue with Judges making terminal arrests on an hourly basis. We can go direct to one such incident in the shopping mall of the Detroit Towers Hab zone......

                                                             ........<cut to vid feed>.......

Ground floor, Detroit Towers. It's The Deep end. A team of Judges - Blake, Scully, Tarrant, Kerr and Aston are tasked with bringing in the crims, perps, punks and cons that now infest the once hi-lux Hab Tower. "Arrest rich environment" growls Blake, "read 'em their rights Aston."

"Bike to loudspeaker.......GIVE YOURSELVES UP RIGHT NOW!"

With a HOWL of law hog engine, Aston thunders left, bike cannon firing. A perp dives for cover, "too late, punk" snarls Aston, breaking hard.

"It's the timestretcher for you, crim". Judge Kerr books a perp, "that burp gun is unlicensed and it's signature is tied to ...... Frak the timestretcher." BAM! "Judgement delivered."

Blake and Scully trade shots with a bunch of crims holed up in the lobby. Slugs TEAR the air but Lawmaker rounds HAMMER the low life's and the body count rises Judge Tarrant monitors the stasis cuffs on the rising number of arrestees awaiting the pad-wagon.

Scully is pinned down by a punk with a needle cannon; Blake breaks right, pumps hi-ex into the plasteel window and dives in, DROPPING the sniper with ONE Ronslay Perpstopper to the chest. 

"One perp, one perpstopper, does what it says on the ammo tin" mutters Blake. The sniper's spotter, some crazy girl tries some martial arts moves but is cuffed all the same.

Aston powers in the plaza, law hog tyres smoking, two crims fire their stutter guns but the slugs BOUNCE off the armoured windshield. Aston guns the motors and powers towards the perps; "Eat Lawboot scum." Both punks FLY backwards and are cuffed. 

Judge Kerr is swamped by a mob of crims making for the statis cuffs. One goes down DRILLED by Perpstopper; another tastes LAWGLOVE and stretches out. The third dives past but Kerr shoots him down. "Really? You disappoint me" is Kerr's cold assessment.

A last perp gets up close to Kerr, who stares the punk down and slaps on the stasis cuff, "You would n't last a minute on Gauda Prime" he tells the con.

The Judges sweep continues, Scully and Tarrant collar a burp gun wielding crim, while Blake reports in, "Control, we have Detroit.....wait one...." a perp is aiming a Lasgun at Scully. Blake wheels, aims and PUNCHES an AP slug through the window right through the punk...."confirmed, Detroit Ground Level under control. Blake out."

The Hall of Justice - Bringing order to the chaos, one arrest at a time.

Figs, and GZG 
Map, Armoured Cartographer
Rules, Kill-o-zap MKII (note dice in last pic. Instant kill)
Inspiration: Dredd, Dredd, Dredd

Blorg note: Perpstopper is a trade mark of Ronslay Industries SA; Blorg has been absent doing vital Hab Zone refurb but has now rerouted power to The Zone and a sector wide thrill warning is impending. 

NEXT! Detroit Towers - bringing law to the next level, set thrills to FRANTIC....



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