Sunday, 15 September 2013

Taking a Liberty

                                                  WELCOME TO META CITY ONE
                                                      CRIME LEVEL: SIGNIFICANT

This is MetaCityVidNews broadcasting from an asynchronous orb....orb....itttt. Good evening; My name is H..H..uw Solo; here is is the news

There was panic today at the MegaCanFood PLC canning plant when the main "HappyPinto n Chilli" production line went berserk. After a major cleanup a spokedroid said, "in the scheme of things, this wont amount to a hill of beans,"

Investigations continue into the sale of access codes to the Shrimps; BritHabCit has expressed deep concern over the apparent breach in Earth Security and BritArmy PLC is conducting its own investigation.

Meanwhile, Judge Blake has led a team of CitSec investigators to New Liberty to follow up a hot lead.....but first some gratuitous THRILL!

Here is an advance preview of "Nathan Strange: Droid Hunter". The two helpless hostages HANG over the open maw of the power regulator! The twin micro cannon of the CENTURION spool up and SCATTER micro DEATH at Strange! Heen Junt fires a burst of droid killer at the metal beast! Rounds PING off its armour but Strange puts a singe round of ENIGMA into it - "eat logic death, tread head." With its CPU devasted by Turing Virus, the Centurion implodes!

And now, over to New Liberty where the LAW is being brought DOWN the HARD WAY!

                           <<<<<<<<...............cut to vid feed...........>>>>>>

Judge Blake leads his team of investigators from Docking Bay Bravo, locals greet the Meta City team with offers of hospitality, price negotiable. Then, they scatter, "this doesn't look good" growls Blake, "you ready rookies?"

A pair of DroidCops appear from ahead and open fire, gauss rifles HAMMERING; a couple of greedos pop up and start shooting at the cops. "Return fire. Use lethal force" snarls Blake

"Action RIGHT!" A centurion stalks down an alley, rounds HOWLING as the mini cannon cycle. CitSec Bueller fire back with his ceaseless NeuLuger but he's in trouble and he knows it.

Bueller is dropped by the Centurion, Abernethy NAILS a greedo while Blake cranks droid killer into the DroidCops. In a flash of white light a suited assassin APPEARS and plants a round into Detective Southey. Glaser and Hutchinson react FAST! Glaser pins the suit with his LasSMG while Hutchinson sprints around the corner and BLASTS the suit at point blank with his Noguchi.357 auto. 

The suit staggers as rounds TEAR into him.

Blake COOKS the DroidCops, Abernethy takes out the remaking greedo. Glaser fires a full mag at the Suit but the rounds are ABSORBED! Micro slugs SCREAM at Blake who ROLLS beneath the METAL DEATH TYPHOON and plants a round of droid killer super Ex into its external ammo feed. The tin can is breached and is BLASTED into shards.

The suit FIRES at Blake but misses. He goes for a pressel, "He's gonna WHITELIGHT' yells Glaser.
"Gun: Tag the Perp." Blake's gun puts a PerpTracer pellet into the suit, nanoseconds before he teleports away. 

"Droids, teleports, greedos, this was a set up" mutters Blake. "Fargo was never here, Abernethy, get the ansible up. Track the suit. Glaser get the medikits and bags. We're finding Fargo and finishing this and him with it."

NEXT: HOT PURSUIT THE SUIT, Blake tracks the teleportist and gets taken to TASK. Set thrills to DERANGED!

Figs, GZG, 15mm, Khurasan, Peter Pig (a greedo), RAFM/Citadel
Map , armoured cartographer
Rules, kill o zap mkII
Inspiration, Dredd, Dredd, Dredd

Blorg note: BritArmy PLC - do you have an occupation? Choose ARMY, it's a professional career. Muster out with a Gun, credits and SKILLS (mech-1, driver-1, auto rifle-1)

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  1. When Darth goes to Wales he is seeking who....Hew Solo. Excellent!