Friday, 9 November 2012

Hell St Blues

Welcome to Meta City One
Crime Level: All Time High

"This is Huw Solo with Cit-Vid News broadcasting from Orbit. Good evening.

Firstly, local news. The fall out from the Meg-Aqua World Scandal continues; investors have lost millions of credits with the revelation that the scheme to build floating HabZones on the Outer Gordon Banks was a pyramid selling scam. DA of HabArea12, Brendan Grabbit said "It was a complete fraud, its amazing no one thought it even a bit fishy".  

The appearance of Judges on the streets has led to a minor decrease in crime but day by day the new guardians of law and order face a brutal our latest vid clip shows.....

......cut to vid......

Its a bad day to be a civ on Hill St - the Uggly Mutt streetgangers pick on some innocent law abiding cits - "dump the credit chip, chump" growls Spivey. "LOOKOUT!Its the rustfilth!"
"CEASE AND DESIST! CEASE AND DESIST!" .... DroidCops respond - their programming detecting crime, violence and a potential shakedown.
BLAM! BLAM! Stutter guns bark and gauss guns spit plasteel DEATH! The poor civs dive for cover.....

The Perps trade shots with the DroidCops; a crim is BLOWN AWAY by hammering gauss shells.....but in the distance is the ROAR of LAWHOGS!
"Bike: slave cannon to helmet-cam. Fire."
BDDDDAP!BDDDAP! A DroidCop is hammered into SHRAPNEL by a hail of bikecannon slugs!

"Eat LAWBOOT, Creep!"
Judge Blake gives an Uggly Mutt a patrolboot denture.

The fight takes it's toll. Judge Scully stands off and RAKES the DroidCops with her bike cannon.
"Bike: Cover me".....BAM BAM BAM! Judge Blake dismounts and DRILLS perps with accurate lawmaker rounds.......a zap gun round pings his shoulder pad and Blake sets his gun to "Perptracker" the perp legs it, the round homes in on him....SCRATCH one CRIM!

BAM! THUD! Judge Scully drops one perp and COLLARS another with her streetbaton. Just behind her Judge Blake slaps the flexicuffs on an arrestee - "its the timestretcher for you, PERP."

On one street, one walkway, there is LAW.
But CRIME does not stop and neither can the Judge....

"Citizen Kane, I dont like your tanktop but you're free to go. Citizen Rossi, that library book, it's overdue........."

Judges - (supplied painted)
Droids - Khurasan
Perps - GZG (Maj Mike)
Civs - ditto
Map - SWM
Rules - KillOZap
Inspiration - Dredd3D, Hill St Blues

Blorg note: LawHogs are manufactured by HarleySturmovik PLC.

NEXT: City Crime Task Force vs Judge Blake.....Thrill level set to IMPOSSIBLE!!




  1. Citizen Kane....library books...arrgh!

    Excellent stuff!


  2. Thats not all Gavin - Citizen Rossi had a ponytail, ah well who says the judges are on the side of the status quo eh?