Thursday, 8 November 2012

Crime: The Tide is HIGH

Welcome to Meta City One
Crime level : Extreme

"This is Cit-Vid broadcasting from orbit; this is Huw Solo, here is the news.

Weather Control have confirmed that the radiation clouds over the Whedon Zone have been dispersed; citizens are advised to report to Rad-Con for screening if concerned......

.....We have breaking traffic news, a gang of bikers are driving at speed all along the Watchtower Overway. More later as it happens......

In the Jefferson Heights Sector, the giant inflatable Harry Hamster moored to JulesVern Towers has sprung a leak and collapsed, much to the dismay of the younger population. A Harry Hamster PLC spokesman said "yes, we are all a bit deflated".

We have more news on that biker gang; they are moving fast into Central and are splitting up. DroidCops are allegedly responding. Caution is advised.

Meanwhile we bring live coverage of an incident on East St and DeVito in Central.....

......cut to public vid cam.....

Tilly Salzman a witness to the brutal excesses of the DroidCops is being harassed by the City Crime Task Force. ......"You've cooperated with the DA, Salzman, we're taking you in -and you can  empty that credit chip to cover your legal expenses"

"What the grok?"...... "Who the freak are you?"......"Zok it! Slot the wannabe!"

"Bike: Cover me"

"I am Judge Blake ..... And there WILL BE  Law! If you resist arrest......."
 Bullets FLY on East Street as the law is brought down hard. The CCTF are blown away by Lawmaker rounds. Case: closed.

Justice is here, it is swift....... and Creeps? There is nowhere to HIDE!

Next: Hell St Blues - thrills set to stun as the Judges hit the streets

Cheers Maff

CCTF - Khurasan
Tilly - GZG (Major Mike)
Judge Blake - (painted to order)
Map - SWM
Rules - KillOZap
Inspiration: C'mon. Do I have to spell it OUT Creep?

Blorg Note: A free entry visa to Moonbase Titan for any reader who spots all the references in this news cast.


  1. Wooo! Go Judge Blake!

    Great stuff, perfect Friday evening read.


  2. Thanks Gavin, first outing for the veteran laserburn "law officer" figures.....