Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Trojan Hovercar


"This is Cit-Vid News, Broadcasting on Pirate Satellite. I am Huw Solo, here is the news.

Good afternoon. The extreme flooding in the lower reaches of Bonham Sector has finally been brought under control; levels are dropping and mo-pads have been able to raise their grav-anchors. It seems that the levee had not broken but that the crisis was due to a freak boring malfunction when Super-Artesian GmBh were drilling for water. They found it. AqSupDep have confirmed that at least FIVE habzones have a clean water supply for about ten years. A spokesman for Super-Artesian said "all's well that ends well".

The violence in Detroit Towers continues and we can confirm that it has spilled out onto the streets as this vid clip shows......

......cut to vid feed.....

Expressway 95, near Detroit Towers 14.37 MCT.
Crims are shooting at Diamond Dogs fleeing the scene of a failed CredChip dispenser robbery.
Civ vehicles dart at speed around the lumbering Hi-Sec PLC armoured car.
With a HOWL of turbocharged thrusters, JUDGES on lawhogs POWER to the shootout.
"Bike: Guns to track mass target."

Lawbikes fire bikecannon into the crims; zap guns fire back but the rounds PING off the armoured bikes..."LETS CUFF SOME PERPS", snarls Judge Scully.

Judge Blake drops a perps with a well aimed Lawmaker round, Scully's bike cannon SHRED the crim gangers and the rest flee or give up to the Judges - "Control - 5 for the ISOCUBES. Get the Pad-Wag here STAT....CONTROL? CONTROL?"
"Comms are DOWN, Blake. High Rad count in upper atmo - local and limited. ITS A MINI EMP!"

.>>>>>>>.......<<<<<<<<<<<...,,,,78787error 959.......>>>>>>>>

"And we seem to have lost contact with the vidcam feed there but we are just accesing "SkyEye via a trapdoor feed and visuals in 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1.....LIVE"

Expressway 95, near Detroit Towers 14.39 MCT.
A V10 Partizan has pulled up in front of the Hi-Sec. Two ALIENS have stepped off the sidewalk! The multi-eyed one has fired a grenade into the upper atmos and the one with the tentacled head has just FIRED a TANK KILLER at the rear hatch of the Hi-Sec.....
A gas grenade goes in and in goes the multi-eyed alien and he's out with a briefcase and their off! Smoke bombs all over the Expressway, Judges unable to respond and......the two aliens HAVE DISAPPEARED!!!!
This is the CRIME OF THE WEEK!

 "Citizens, have you seen these alien criminals?"
"No Judge. They're pretty distinctive"
"Hmmm. Carry on your business Citizens"

"SIDNEY NOLAN! Col, I thought she had us"
"Shuttit, Rayy, just smile, keep walking and don't DROP the briefcase!".  

Col - a three eyed chook armed with a 30mm Purdey SemiAuto
Rayy - an Octohead armed with a H&K PanzerKnacker and 12mm hand cannon
The Vehicle is a Racing Green V10 Partizan
They speak with a Forexx accent
WANTED FOR: Illegal EMP use, illegal Tank Killer use, illegal gazbomb use, theft, grand theft, dangerous driving, driving without insurance, ignoring legal traffic codes, being alien, making Judges look stupid. If you see them CALL A JUDGE!
Thank you. Have a lower crime day.

Perps & Civs - GZG (Maj Mike)
Dogs - Citadel (Artmaster)
Judges - 15mm.co.uk. Painted to order
Vehicles - GZG, Old Crow, 15mm.co.uk
Rayy & Col - 15mm.co.uk - converted by me. Green stuff galore.
Maps - SWM & HOF
Rules- KilloZap
Inspiration: see below

Blorg note: EMPs should not be used without adult supervision. A prize* to any reader who tells me who these two alien jokers were inspired by.
*value if any to be decided, may be nominal,pontless or honorific. Legal Small Print** applies.
** I'm right, you're wrong.


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