Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Crime coverage!

Welcome to Meta City One!
Crime Level: Rising rapidly

"This is Meta City VidNews broadcasting from Orbit, with the news you won't be told. My name is Huw Solo. Good Morning.

We start with the news that the theft of hundreds of old watches from Gruber's Museum of Chronography was faked in a desperate bid for publicity. Museum Director Otis B Driftwood admitted today that "it was a complete wind up."

Mmmm. News? Mayor Brumby's City Crime Task Force continues to clamp down on opposition groups and in totally unrelated incidents, admission to MedAid units have hit an all time high.

We have accessed publicvid cams and know bring you a taste of life on the streets......

............cut to cam feed.............

Outside Broccoli Towers, Citizens go about their business....

"If anyone of you drokking drokkers move, I'll vapourise every last gonk drokking one of ya!"
The Ugly Mutts street gang arrives and things go mutieward real fast....

"Cease and Desist! Cease and Desist!"
DroidCops arrive on the scene, gauss cannon set to AUTO FIRE

Bullets fly as the DroidCops issue arrest warrants the hard way.
The perps use the civs as shields; one perp is ripped by gauss shells, as is his hostage; Miss Tilly the Engineer slips off and RUNS!

"Unauthorised and suspiciously fleeing a crime scene, you are arrested, convicted and sentenced. Will carry out SENTENCE on the spot!"

"Not today, ruster. You're revoked."
Nathan Strange, Droid Hunter enforces copyright via smartgun.....

Strange and Heen Junt step up to defend the civilians from the ROGUE LAW DROIDS
"The witnesses are under arrest until their evidence is certified. You will stand down! Cease and Desist!"
"Come and get gun is hungry......"
The Droid hunters take down the DroidCops in a HAIL of slugs while the citizens hide. 

This is the news - This is Meta City One - where the law lies bleeding."

Civs - GZG (Maj Mike)
Perps - GZG (Maj Mike)
Droids - CMG
Strange -
Junt - Khurasan
Map: SWM
Rules: KilloZap
Inspiration: Judge Dredd case files 4; "Know your rights" The Clash

Blorgg note: Evidence provided by DroidCop needs no corroboration - see City vs John Doe case5567vB 2079

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