Saturday, 20 October 2012

Corridor War in Detroit Towers!

Welcome to Meta City One
Crime Level: No banks robbed in last hour
Your newscaster: Huw Solo

"Good afternoon. The headline - Cit-vid has infiltrated a media-tech commando into Detroit Towers - exclusive coverage of a brutal three way firefight follows.

In other news, a hov-van carrying ball bearings has shed its load on the Sector 12 Eight Lane. A spokesman for The Highways Dept has said that traffic will be kept rolling.

Meanwhile, members of the Mayoral Criminal Task Force have closed in around the Cit-Vid Studios in order to close down our broadcasts......Excuse me while I fit my combat goggles and anti-gas nose plugs.....more on that as it happens. Now, over to our Urban Combat Camera Crew at Detroit Towers..... " 
.................Cut to Live vid feed......

 Burp gun armed Perps advance on a Diamond Dog held admin block.

 The mercs open fire with gauss carbines, Big Dog 1st Class G'frrk nails a crim with a well aimed blast from his Pacifier Hand Cannon.

 Droid Cops serials ZX81 and ZX82 respond to the scene, rapid fire gauss cannon at the ready. "Cease and desist! Cease and desist!"

 Bullets TEAR and fly in all directions! The Diamond Dogs are RIPPED by the Gauss cannons of the Droid cops while the perps settle a few scores too. The Dogs PANIC and run for it.......
 .......apart from one. G'frrk double taps a perp and spins around, HAMMERING round after round into ZX81; the drioid falters, armour weakened critically!

His hand cannon clicks to empty....G'frrk  ducks to reload. Bobby Uggly puts a .55 slug into him at point blank range "take that dog breath" snarls the crim as G'frrk slumps to the gound!

The droid cops form up and stalk forward, their cannons SPIT gauss slugs into the perps. Bobby Ugly goes down hard, shredded by gauss rounds. The crims fire madly but burp, zap and stutter gun shots just PING off of the droids......"Drok it, we're GRONKED!" screams a perp.....

The crims are shot to pieces by the hail of fire but a full mag of burp gun shells TEARS into ZX81's hull and sets off a chain reaction on its ammo....KRABOOOOM.... scratch one droid

ZX82 guns down the remaining perps. The metal beast is king of Floor12 - only 128 more to go.....

Dogs - Ral Patha (Artmaster)
Perps - GZG (Maj Mike)
Droids - CMG
Map - SWM Cloud City
Rules: Killozap
Inspiration: Terminator, Jailbreak, The Wild Bunch

Warning: Gauss cannon are military grade weapons. Photo ID required for purchase.

NEXT BULLETIN- Strange claims on his INSURANCE! Thrill Meter in OVERLOAD!