Saturday, 13 October 2012

Pub-Service Prog on Citi-News

Welcome to Meta-City One.
Crime Level: declining over past hour

Cit-Service Announcement!

Droid Cop Patrols are in operation!
Do not be alarmed!
Droid Cops are your friends!
Droid Cops will only arrest you if they have to!

Mr Harry Buttle cooperating with the authorities regarding the wearing of a loud shirt in a built up area. Sentence was carried out on the spot.

Droid Cop TM - an Arresting Development

<<<< Mayoral Press Office note: Droid Cops have not refused to assault Detroit Towers due to faulty self preservation programming; they have not focused policing upon unarmed citizens. There are not very few unarmed citizens. Droid Cops are not resisting reprogramming of extreme violence tendencies. Cit-Mil units are simply carrying out a pre-planned exercise. We know where you live. Note ends >>>>>

Harry Buttle -GZG crew (Maj Mike)
Droid Cops - CMG Blockheads
Street: HOF maps
Apologies: Me. Assault on Detroit Tower postponed due to essential maintance of HabZone; Zero-G plasterer and decorator needed.     


  1. Hi
    Great blog mate, I love the news broadcast idea, Keep it up! ;)

    Mark B.

  2. Thanks Gents - Meta City news just keeps on breaking