Monday, 15 October 2012

One Man - One Mission

Cit-News Bulletin!!
Your Newscaster: Huw Solo
Crime Level: Not bad for a Monday

"There were tense moments in the Meta City High Court today as Sirius Cybernetics were awarded an Injunction against......what do you mean cut the story? It'll annoy the Mayor?......Going for your gun Editor Greebo?"


"Back to the news. Droid Cop PLC and the Mayoral office are the subject of an injunction relating to breached copyright belonging to Sirius Cybernetics. In other stories........please, somone move the editor, he'll bleed all over the vid-deck.....we are still unable to bring you live footage of the events in Detroit Towers; most of the vidcams have been shot out and our newsteams are unable to breach the blast doors. But we can go, live, to the vid blog of one man trying to make a difference in Meta City. He is Nathan Strange, he works for Sirius Cybernetics and his job is to enforce copyright , one droid at a time."

<<<<<<<<cutting to vid blog link>>>>>>>>>>>

"My name is Nathan Strange - droid enforcer.  10am, Hab Zone Miller - I have a lead that a droid cop has been working Frazetta and Biehn for kickbacks from hovparking offenders.....and yes, there he is, by the 959 Durango TVC15.... Cam - zoom in 80. Pan 25 right. Rotate 45. Run ID......droid cop model 1.2, chassis 46S, serial no 73X. Copyright infringement confirmed. Activating Gun. Gun active....Droid Cop 73X, your infringement is being revoked. Stand Down! "

Brrrrrttzap! Dakkadakkadakka!

Nathan Strange revoking Droid Cop 73X; Gun:Activated

"Drok it! That creased my coat, this rustjob aint going to go quietly.Thats bad, makes it tougher for civilians. TAKE COVER!". BOOOOM! BOOOOM. "Cam, check target. Target revoked. Collateral minimal. Email to HR & Legal ... Distribute legal waiver notice to addresses at my coordinates ....uh oh mobile droid patrols responding to the 10-85, activating free fire mode.....Strange to Sirius CentCom, request back up STAT!"

Next! Nathan Strange vs Droid Cops in Hab Zone Slugfest!!


Nathan Strange - Laserburn adventurer
Droid Cop - CMG Blockhead
Map - SWM
Rules -Kill O'Zap