Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dogs of WAR!

Welcome to Meta City One
Crime Level: Data not available at this time

Cit Vid exclusive - this news bulletin carries a thrill alert!

Files leaked from Mayor Brumby's office have revealed that the Security Consultants hired to retake Detroit Tower are the mutant mercenaries known as the DIAMOND DOGS! The mayors office at first denied that the city had hired these canine freaks to protect honest citizens but faced with the vid file of Mayor Brumby saying "Frak it, hire the drokking doggies to slot the gorram crims", a mayoral spokeswoman speaking from Eroticon-4 said "Mayor Brumby is too busy to comment".

Normally mutants such as these  would not be allowed into meta city one but faced with a rising tide of crime and violence, the City Authorities  have taken a drastic step.

>>>>>>>Breaking news on all channels >>>>>>>

Bullets fly as Mutant mercs  battle crim perps! We cut to live vid feed which shows the Diamond Dogs attacking the perps in Detroit towers -  as it happens......

A team of mercs reach the perps base using the turbo lifts. All is well and then......Proxi-bombs planted by the crims decimate the Merc fire teams!

Only a few Dogs survive and take cover from perp zap gun fire

An assault shuttle full of Diamond Dogs aims for the landing pad but is tracked by suprisingly heavy fire. The shuttle crash lands onto the pad , most of the mercs are unhurt but they are badly shaken and go to ground down around the slug ridden shuttle....

A team of mercs works it's way up the street sector into the battle and starts to make progress but a crim gun buggy armed with a minigun tears up and hoses them down with rapid fired lead death!

On his hovering command copter, Diamond Commander Zarg Lasfanggg watches in FURY as his furry troopers take a zap gun shredding  and feels the PACK RAGE grow "Claw, to me" he growls, "fire zip line, clip on, go go GO!"

The Three Clawed Fist - Lasfangg and his litter brothers - elite canine ninja-mercs ZIP LINE onto the landing pad; firing their compakt gauss smgs one handed as they go - mowing down the crim-perp rearguard!

The Claw press on relentlessly, shooting down crims in a hail of gauss slugs as they punch through to their pinned down pack brothers.....WOOF WOOF!!

Faced with a relentless onslaught of death wielding canines, Smiling Al's henchmen gather about their boss. Is toothy, tailed death in store for Smiling Al? Is this the end for the rebellious perps??


In his luxury penthouse pleasure suite, Mayor Brumby watches on a silver screen, "the crims and the doggies are right where I want them" he grins "it's time to frak both the scum and the freaks - send in the droid cops....."

Next bulletin: killer droids ! Unfeasible thrill warning!!

Figs - RAFM/Ral Partha/Citadel Vargr (Artmaster), Perps - GZG (Maj Mike)
Buggy: Old Crow (gunner citadel traveller)
Map: SWM
Rules: Kill O Zap
Inspiration: Dredd3D, Case files Vols 1 &2
Vargr Wrangling: Barbarella Woodhouse



  1. Excellent Posting!

    Loving this new blog, action, good pictures and good fun too.


  2. Much appreciated Gavin, not a clue where the canine ninja idea came from.....