Friday, 26 October 2012

Here is the news!

Welcome to Meta City One!
Crime Level: Acceptable!

"Hi! This is Meta-Brekfast News, I'm AMy your Breakfast Buddy and do we have the News for YOU!!

And here's the weather - fine! All day! Reports of radiation clouds over the Whedons are totally unreliable. Whedons residents are free to go for a walk whenever they want, just do it indoors!

Time for business news.....Horace Blimp, notorious and alleged employee rights activist, threw himself onto the production line at the Magni-Visaid factory. He was rushed to a public med-aid booth; a Magni-Visaid LegalRep said later, "Mr Blimp was only making a spectacle of himself."

And now over to our LIVE vid of the take down of Meta-Cit News Studios by the City Crime Task Force. As you know, Huw Solo and his rabble of news-liars have been spreading complete falsehoods about Meta-City One. Today they were brought to JUSTICE.....

......cut to live vid feed....

Thrill as the CCTF move up through the corridors

GASP as stacked up CCTF Troopers CRASH into action - GO! GO! GO!
A green haired arty hippy from the Graphics Dept tries to stop them. The slacker manages to SHOOT CCTRed1 before he is SLAMMED by Kompact-ACR rounds!

Its SOLO! SLOT HIM! Hey, CCTRed3 - GET UP! You're only....oh. MEDIC!!

If you see this man DO NOT ask for his autograph. DO call the Authorities, if you have a gun you can SHOOT him. There is a BOUNTY. HE IS A CRIMINAL!

THERE HE GOES! Solo runs for it through the VidStudio; holokits SHATTER as slugs fly!
He's in the ducts! Solo is a desperate rat in a trap!

Go! Go! ...... BAM! BAM! Blaster Rounds tear up the ducts. Gorman.....Gorman??

Target in the OPEN! FREE FIRE!

A misguided citizen throws his lot in with Solo. Shooters dive for cover as HOTLEAD and FLAMING plasma hammers across the Landing Pad. LANDING PAD?? CCTFACTUAL to all CALLSIGNS - he's doing a RUNNER!!

Its a 360' MAELSTROM of gunfire! Solo leaps for the hatch and grabs the unknown citizen on board just as a CCTF round NAILS him. Turbojets WHINE and THRUM as the MILLENIUM NOVA reaches lift off velocity.......bullets ping off the hull........<<<<picking up remote audio>>>>> "Jocko? Jocko? Gorram it! Control to manual. Slaving nose cannon to visual.......DAKADAKADAKADAKADAKA! NavComp - set course for ORBIT. Broadcast on all Media. Good Morning, This is Huw Solo. Here is the News, today in Meta City One, the LAW DIED ...."

Thrill Monitor Meltdown Predicted!

CCTF: Khurasan
Civ & Design Guy: GZG (Major Mike)
Solo: FOW German tankie heavily converted
Map: SWM
Rules: KilloZap
Inspiration: "Time" - ELO

Blorrg Note: Do not offer to "stack up" in Meta-City bars.  


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