Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Robo-Killer Rounds in action! A SmartGun Infomercial!

Welcome to Meta City One!
 Crime Level: Consistent

Cit-Vid Breaking news continues on all channels 
Your newscaster: Huw Solo

"Good morning. We are still covering the ongoing firefight at Frazetta and Biehn as Nathan Strange enforces .....what is this? Juris-Droids at my vid deck? I have been served? For defamation? Of the Mayor? This is a MilSpec blaster and I WILL use it......EAT PLASMA, TREADHEAD!"

Zaaaaaap! Zaaaaaap! ZAP! 

"......and back to the news; Nathan Strange, Droid Cops, shooting, mayhem. Mmm, a normal day really . Cut to vid team. Amber, get me a lawyer and a good scap metal merchant..."

Meanwhile at the Foyer of Frazetta Tower, newsdroid KACL780 is capturing events as they happen.....

Nathan Strange faces down two Droid-Cops. Robo-killer ammo selected

Officers DOWN...Shots FIRED....all mobiles RESPOND! Droid Cops surge to the scene 

When the going gets tough, the tough take cover; Strange takes cover behind Cit-Garbage Unit 4537 

A dive, a roll and Strange's ParaVIb hand-cannon barks twice - two more Droid Cops are revoked

Droid Cops close in but Strange has run for it - leather coat flapping behind him

Flanked! A suppressed round takes down a Droid - Strange bushwacks the Droids

 Robo-guns to RAPID FIRE. A hail of gauss DEATH drives Strange into the shelter of the turbo-lift. Rounds blasting all around him, Strange checks his ammo status "low, low, low beep beep" is the SmartGun's reply. "Drokking frag it" mutters Strange, "this could get emotional..."

Next Bulletin: No Justice Tonight!!

This is Meta City One, two Hab Towers riven by gun battles, the Mayor indicted, droid cops running amok and its only 10.53AM.

Strange: Laserburn
Droids: CMG
Map: SWM
Rules: KillO'Zap
Inspiration: Blade Runner, Dredd case files Vol3
Droid-Cop PLC recommends 3:1 mek-oil


  1. You gotta get those Droids under control....the whole city is at risk...Strange needs some more backup...send in Dekker, he needs some action.


  2. I'm actually starting to look forward to these bulletins :)

    Mark B.