Sunday, 8 September 2013

Apocalypse squad - Spearhead!

                                                 WELCOME TO META CITY ONE 
                                    CRIME LEVEL: STATISTICS OFFICE DESTROYED

This is MetaCity Vid News broadcasting from orbit. Good afternoon; my name is Huw Solo, here is the News.

Meta City One remains under attack from the aliens now called The Shrimps. The entire Bartlett Creek NavZone is overrun and heavy ordnance is firing directly into HabTowers. Judges and CitDef units are fighting at every intersection leading out of the NavZone. 

Defence Specialists are asking how the Shrimps entered orbit and land so close without SkyCom or any other City Zones detecting them; "those frakking doggies sold their access code" said a Mayoral spokesperson. 

We can take you live to the scene of the toughest fighting, where a shrimp walker has broken through a CitDef cordon.....

                                  <<<<<<<<<<cut to live vid feed>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A thin line of CitDef (and a CitSec agent with HiBurn laser rife) try to hold back a shrimp push; only the laser can really damage the walker.......the shrimps press on and break through the speeder shop, the trooper north of the wrecked ATV is killed. The agents ZAPS a leg joint of the walker but chain guns CHEW up his cover and he ducks back.... a message squawks in his earpiece:

"Blake to CitSec - paint the street. Take cover. Inbound shuttle. Hard Delivery Imminent. Danger Close."

The LawCarrier shuttle ROARS overhead, navcomp searching for the DZ indicator but the CitSec agent is pinned down. "Dropping cargo blind. Cargo dropped" reports the Pilot, dropping in low and sonic booming the shrimpies on her way out.

Nine LALO (low altitude low opening) CrashPods CRUNCH into the ground - some embedding into buildings. The Apocalypse Squad is scattered widely. Judge Blake lands far off target but a few troopers land right in the action and are fighting the moment their pods crack. Gilby lands opposite the speeder bay and slots the shrimp who is in the doorway; Twiss hits the street in front of the walker and TEARS into it with his SFGaussHmg, his no2 Gadd is hoofing it up with the extra ammo. Mayo finds himself in front of the advancing shrimps and NAILS two with his gaussSLR but four of the walkers ball guns CHEW into him and he's KIA. The agent takes out a sensor pod but is dropped by a shrimp.

A STORM of death from the nose gun forces Twiss and Gad back to cover, "give me a clip of the special rounds" says Twiss, "that's emergency only" complains Gadd. "I'll give you frakking emergency" snarls Twiss. 

Belinski sets his pod to BURN mode and crunches through into the lounge area - as his pod cracks, BLAMMM, he  fires a frag grenade right into a shrimpie leader.

Box burns his way into the building and slots a shrimp putting fire onto Twiss,  he links up with Gilby and they clear the building. To the north, Belinski gets to a doorway and spots a shrimp mortar. He selects a flèchette maxikill grenade.....

Belinski clears the street but....."drok it, more shrimps. Am engaging, slot one. Slot two, incoming, slot...." Belinski's signal fades to grey.....

Blake leads a small team of CitDef, "Gun - MetalPunch. CitDef, rapid fire"....Twiss pulls metal and empties a clip of "Emergency" ammo into the Walker. Jackson pumps an AP grenade followed by  HiEx at the shrimp tank. He stalks towards it SLAMMING AP rounds into it. Greasy smoke drifts from the walker and it lurches to a halt. Shrimps bail out but a picked off by Blake and Adams.

Blake switches to Perpstopper rounds and NAILS a shrimp rifle...shrimp, "One round one shrimp" he snarls .....

The shrimps are halted by the CitDef and Jackson with his GausHMG, they find Belinski's body, surrounded by dead shrimps. 

Gilby, Box and Jackson take cover and start putting gauss skugs down range at the advancing hordes of shrimps. 

Gadd joins the CitDef and they halt another shrimp push at "Belinski Corner". Gilby goes down WIA as shrimp fire POURS into his position. Box lines up his targets and DRENCHES the shrimps with shrt accurate bursts before his armour too is RIPPED UP, he slumps down. Only Jackson is left standing, his gaussSLR double tapping shrimps with brutal accuracy. 

Blake links up with Adams who has fought a lonely battle to the north, stalking a shrimpie artillery spotter and WASTING him and his cover party. Now he and the judge take turns to put fire into the mob of shrimps advancing at the CitDef. 

"This is Control Call signs check." "Jackson." "CitDef Yates." "Cit Def Chisholm." "CitDef Ringo." " Adams." " Twiss." "Gadd". "Blake"

"This is Control. You will hold until relieved"

"Blake to control. No other plan. Blake out."

"Gaddsy? If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined"

"Twiss, this is Jackson, SHUTTIT. Cover your arc. Here they come......."

Figs 15mm and GZG. Agent, the Scene
Map Armoured cartographer 
Walker - Starwars
Rules Killozap MKII 
Inspiration, Dredd, Wild Bunch
Blorg note: No real shrimps were harmed in this vid prod; thank you to Apocalypse Squad Six, B coy, Spearhead Btn for technical support




  1. Best report yet from Meta City One!


  2. Thank you Gavin, it all went horribly wrong with the drop. I used the old scatter rules from AH Starship Troopers and they went all over the shop. At least the HMG team landed together!