Friday, 6 September 2013

Way Down in the Hole

                                                     WELCOME TO META CITY ONE
                                           LAW LEVEL: DAILY LOW OVER LAST HOUR!

This is Meta City Vid News broadcasting from orbit; my name is Huw Solo. Good Mornining, here is the news.

The award winning holo drama "Hab Zone: Crisis" has been syndicated for VidTeev cast; the rights have been bought by Kornkrakes "the breakfast of kings" and will run for 24 episodes. A Kornkrakes spokesman said, "yes it's going to be a serial."

In City news, the fallout from the shoot out on Detroit Driveway continues; CitSec are under review for transporting secure items via private courier, OrbitCommand are taking flak for not detecting an illegal teleport device and the Hall of Justice is investigating just what Mayor Brumby's personal launch codes for the City's Peacekeeper Missile array were doing there in the first place. As this is the fifth concurrent investigation into the Mayor's conduct, answers are not expected soon. 

And finally, an SOS message. Would Mr Basildon of Universal Exports of BritHab Zone, travelling in Meta City please contact his office. Thank you. 

Now to our weekly update on the arts world. The retrospective of the works of Leo McGarry at....and we are receiving breaking news of a massive firefight breaking out at Nostromo Towers....Judges, Cit Def units are all responding, CitSec have issued an alert level of GOLD MAXIMUM, we are bringing you the story as it happens......

                                           <<<<<<<<cut to vid feed>>>>>>>>>>>

It's a quiet misty morning for Judge McNulty, assigned to the Harbour Justice Patrol, making his way back to the Hall of Justice for an AdministrativevInterview with BuPers.

He stops to talk to a couple of CitDef troopers who are worried about strange booming noises heard down in the fog at old Navy base at Bartlett Creek.

Drokking heck! What the FRAK are THOSE? They look look gronking great SHRIMPS!

A hail of slugs hammer off at McNulty and his cronies. One drops hard, the Judge and the trooper dive for cover. "McNulty to Control. City wide alert. It's an INVASION!". They PULL METAL and SMG and Lawgiver rounds tear back at the......ALIEN SHRIMP FIENDS!!

Reinforcements! An ATV of CItDef SWAT commandos arrives

But with a blinding glare and a HOWLING EXLPOSION the ATV is SLAGGED!

"Oh frakking drok, what the FRAK have they done now?" asks McNulty. The CitDef trooper keeps shooting until a shrimpie blaster takes his head OFF...


CitDef units start to respond but are they TOO LATE?

Judge McNulty digs in and trades shot for shot with the shrimps, the street is full of pink carapaces, "need a barbecue" says the Judge, "gun, select incendiary."

View from SkyCam....The shrimps are working into the buildings but the CitDef are getting into place to block them. McNulty holds on and blocks the advance of the aliens.

By now heavily wounded, McNulty pushes back another shrimpie attempt to rush him. The CitDef troops can hear his Lawmaker barking out rounds. Then....silence.

"Here they come! FIRE!"
The aliens sweep forward and are met with a WALL of auto rifle slugs and a gauss SAW which RIPS into them.

Shrimp bodies litter the road as they fall back in the face of CitDef resistance. 

The shrimps are held up by CitDef troopers in the speeder bay and a ROOM BY ROOM battle kicks off.

Meanwhile Control is rallying the Meta City military, "all cit def units to Harbour Zone."
Judge Blake is not convinced "this could be a trap, we need to escalate....FRAK!"

SkyCam reveals a new threat, more shrimps and this BEAST....

"WHAT THE DROK IS THAT?" "Cam is fading, comms LOST!"

"Blake - deploy the APOCALYPSE SQUAD!"

NEXT: HazMat Commandos vs Man Eating Aliens From Planet Hell! THRILL LEVEL: TOTAL

figs:shrimps GZG, McNulty, CitDef, 15mm laserburn Mercs
vehicles: matchbox and Star Wars 
Map: armoured cartographer 
Rules: kill o zap mkII
Inspiration: Dredd, Panic Attack Montevideo 

Blorg note: Meta City One Citizens can find advice on prawn and shrimp recipes on all good HabZone InfScreens. 




  1. "shrimpie blaster takes his head OFF."

    Weird and great fun! Quote of the day.


  2. Hi Gavin
    Well, the shrimp rolled 11 which means two wounds, the Cit Def had one, so it had to be messy. I did have a manic grin on my face though. I know it's a bit Battle Los Angeles but I'm not really influenced by that - the Montevideo short really impressed me with the mecha stomping out of the mist, after that its alien street fighting. Or Xeno wasting as they say in Meta City One - of which more......soon