Thursday, 5 September 2013

Held up without a gun

                                                    WELCOME TO META CITY ONE
                                                   CRIME LEVEL: TEMPORARY BLIP

This is Meta City Vid News, broadcasting from orbit. Good afternoon, my name is Huw Solo, here is the news.

There was high drama today at the Megafun toy factory when the owner, Monty Garibaldi, got stuck inside a freshly moulded maxi rubber ball. Emergency staff were unable cut him loose even using hi-burn las cutters but Mr Garibaldi said he'd easily bounce back. 

The fashion for exotic meditation is still sweeping Hab Zone Wheddon, a spokedroid for One Lucky Incense Co said "yes, they are going through a lot of joss over there."

Meanwhile the battle to bring law and order to the troubled Detroit Towers Complex continues. Yesterday the Hall of Justice cleared two more levels but we can now bring you live coverage of an arrest on the drive in access level...

                                          <<<<<<<<<cut to vid feed>>>>>>>>>>

A stick of the City Crime Task Force patrol the access driveway of Detroit Towers; a Central Services hov van is spotted, just where Mr Beige said it would be "moving in" reports CCTF1

"Get it moving Jacko.....ah drok it's the Task Force.....FRAK THE PACKAGE"

The poorly armed civs are surrounded by the Task Force and a mysterious civ in a suit with a DBG, "hand over the package, rent a corpse".

"Control to Aston, CRIME IN PROGRESS, response level GOLD"

"On my way, Aston out"

Law hog engines SCREAM as Judge Aston thunders to intervene.....his bike guns TEAR DOWN CCTF4

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! CCTF open fire on Aston and the Civs, Aston gets a DBG round to the chest and barely survives - out of it! The civs fire back with their body pistols.

Aston gets a law maker round off but the guy in the suit dives aside; in a hail of body pistol slugs the civs drop CCTF2 but 1 gets a bead on Aston then....BLAT. BLAT. CCTF2 is down, pink MISTED! Another double tap and The Suit lurches and in a ZAP of teleport feedback DISAPPEARS!

"Ops Room - Aston is down. Get a medevac team to my location. PACKAGE SECURE. Tango has white lighted. Out"

"Meta City Justice Control to unknown armed male. Identify yourself."

"You Know My Name. Out."

Figs: Khurasan, 15mm, RAFM ex Citadel
Map: Armoured cartographer
Rules: Kill O Zap mkII

Blorg note: DBG - Damn Big Gun eg  SuperEnfield .77 recoiless or Noguchi 12mm; teleportation is dangerous, do not attempt without proper supervision. 




  1. Excellent post and great to have something this much fun to read again. Bravo!

    Those Laserburn miniatures serve you well once again.


  2. Hi Gavin, thank you for the kind words, it's good to be back. As I've said elsewhere, if it wasn't for those laser burn figs, GZG and eBay for citadel 15s, there wouldn't have been a 15mm sci fi scene at all.