Wednesday, 11 September 2013

When the Law breaks in....

                                                 WELCOME TO META CITY ONE
                                            CRIME LEVEL: NEW POST WAR HIGH

This is Meta City Vid News broadcasting from an emergency studio. I am Hadley Hope, here is the news.

With the assistance of Vargr mercenaries, the Shrimp invasion has been defeated and SDBs have destroyed their armada. There is no news as to the fate of the Milenium Nova, Huw Solo and his crew.

Meanwhile, crime levels have increased in Meta City One, with thugging, ramping, civ-sharping and less sophisticated crimes such as armed robbery all taking place at unprecedented levels.

Media news, RoboTV, the channel aimed at robots and droids has had a massively successful first quarter, "it's all in the programming" a studio executive commented.

We are now getting reports of a Judge raid on an office in Wagner Plaza where shots have been fired and arrests made......

                                            <<<<<<<<cut to vid feed>>>>>>>>>

There is a high level of PrivSec at the offices of Blofeld & Haas LLP, a discrete firm of media handlers and consultants.

But a Judge doesn't need a warrant and Judge Scully calls a audit of all staff records and e-comms 

A guard goes for his gun and Scully drops him with a shot, a slug PINGS off her helmet and she is stunned. The guards rush her and a frantic melee breaks out. Scully BRAINS one with her elbow but numbers are telling.

There is A MASSIVE DETONATION and the wall to the inner office CAVES IN. Judge Blake strides in through the dust and shoots a guard dead. "You are under arrest for mass murder and info speculation. Sentence death." The guy in the suit with the hand comp tries to run, "Gun: tangle the suit", growls Blake. A NerveTangle round SCREAMS out of the Lawgun and the suit stumbles. A hi velocity round WHIPS past Blake, he turns and DRILLS a round into the bodyguard.

Scully stun cuffs a perp just as Blake switches to perp tracker and fires through the door twice - SLOTTING both crims.

The suit tries to stand but collapses. Blake stands over him - "the Vargr are going to ask you why you sold them out. Tell me why you sold the access codes and who to and I won't turn you over to them."

"Mr Fargo. He has a base on New Liberty. He sold it to the Shrimps."

"Guilty. Sentence...Death."


<<<<<<<<<<<....... This is the......this is the Milenium Nova.....main turret not responding.....shields down....SOS.....engines failing.....SOS message repeats.....this is the Milenium  Nova.....>>>>>>>

NEXT: The Law Goes Galactic - thrill level set to GRATUITOUS! 

Figs the scene and 15mm
Map armoured cartographer
Rules killozapmkII

Blorg note: New Liberty - an offworld colony with a future for colonists with a past!




  1. 'Tangle the Suit' !!!!

    Quote of the day. Nice work.


  2. thanks Gavin, cracking open another map next time. Should be wild.

  3. Can't wait for the gratuitous thrills!

    1. Hi Paul, just opened the gratuitous content folder and cranked up a special for you, totally plot irrelevant but GUNS! GOON! GALS! It's got the lot and then the MAIN EVENT.
      Hope it does the job