Monday, 9 September 2013

High Tide at Bartlett Creek

                                                        WELCOME TO META CITY ONE
                                                  CRIME LEVEL: UNABLE TO ACCESS DATA

This is Meta City Vid News broadcasting from the Millenium Nova in orbit. My name is Huw Solo; Good Evening, here is the news.

There are as yet no clues as to how the Shrimps breached CitOrbit Security. The blame is being laid firmly at the Vargr Mercenaries and a CityCouncil attempt to enact harsh anti Vargr legislation was only halted due to a non quorum of councillors. 

Action on the ground remains confused with City units barely holding on in the face of overwhelming numbers of shrimps.....

<<<<<OrbitSec reports hyperdrive footprint of large numbers of vessels inbound.....all SDBs scramble>>>>>>>

"Broadcast will cease shortly, cutting to Vid Feed of the ongoing fight at Belinski's Corner.....<<<<SDB Beagle Flight, ETA 15 minutes......SDB Galileo ETA 20 minutes......they are going to get through...>>>>

This is Solo Millenium Nova, on station. Put up antiflare shields, antimatter field live...clear weapons. Turrets live....<<<<weapons clear>>>>>...lock onto targets....<<<locked on.....Huw, we're holding off the entire shrimp fleet?>>>>...Yes. Battle computer to visual.....<<<<this is STUPID>>>>....when did that ever stop us? FIRE!......."

                                               <<<<<<<<<<<cut to vid feed>>>>>>>

As the Milenium Nova fights a lonely battle against insane odds, the ragged band of Apocalypse troopers and CitDef are losing the fight. Ammo is running low; Sgt Jackson issues a rarely heard order, "FIX BAYONETS!" and an eery CLICK is heard as FairbainMonoblades are slotted into place.

The Shrimps are closing in and Blake hears distinctive yips and barks BEHIND THEM.

"Adams. Cover your arc. I have your back."

The Vargr Diamond Dogs charge forwards howling their battle yips.

Adams hammers at the Shrimps, Blake sees the Vargr open fire AT THE SHRIMPS.
"Huh." The Judge turns and SLAMS rounds into the shrimps. The Vargr sprint past him, firing as they go. Other files of Vargr move up around the Shrimps. It's a hunt and the wolves of space scent BLOOD......

Blake calls an O Group and as the battle rages.....ARRESTS the Vargr Top Dog Grrr'frk'ywl, "the Detroit Towers Massacre is going to put you in the KENNEL for LIFE. And selling the access codes to the Shrimps is THE DISINTEGRATOR. You have any defence, perp?"

"We were hired to clear the Tower by the Mayor but then he blanked our access codes and our broker jumped for Rigel - we can't leave earth and we don't have access codes."

"Mitigation, not a defence. Conviction stands."

Blake realises he is staring down the very steady barrel of a GaussSLR, "I'm down a lot of men, the fight isn't over. The Dogs were set up and there's only one way out of the Apocalypse Squad - ask Mayo, ask Belinski." Jackson and Blake stare it out. 

"Sentence commuted" growls Blake "but somebody is going to the TIMESTRETCHER for this one."

NEXT: Huw Solo - RIP? 

Figs 15mm and GZG
Map armoured cartographer 
Vehicles matchbox, Starwars
Rule Killozap MKII 

Blorg note: Vargr do not drive hov cars with their heads outside the window. They hate sticks. You have been warned



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